LIVE: Feral caternity ward and kitten nursery -

More about our rescue work: Our VIP livestream: PLEASE NOTE: This is live, uncensored rescue reality. If you have concerns about what you are seeing, the solution is to become advocates for spaying, neutering and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Rest assured that we work extremely hard to provide the best possible care, have tons of experience and a great vet team. While tragedies are common in animal rescue, here at TinyKittens they are the result of nature, and not the result of negligence, ambivalence or poor judgement. Thank you for watching! UPDATE APRIL 22: Chloe gave birth to five beautiful kittens this morning. Four appear to be healthy, but her tuxie kitten has a significant cleft palate. This means she is at high risk for a number of potentially fatal issues. If she survives long enough, it *might* be possible to repair the holes with surgery from a specialist. We want her to nurse if she is able to, but will need to supplement with tube feeding. We will have a better idea of her prognosis after seeing how she does for the next 24-48 hours. As with all of our cats and kittens, we will do everything in our power to save her as long as she is not suffering. Her situation is very different than Marvie's - he had a cleft lip/nose, but his palate was intact. I will post a photo of her palate at Weight chart: RAMONA: Quimby - 1st born - no collar; Huggins - Yellow Collar; Ribsy - Blue Collar; Beezus - Green collar UPDATE APRIL 19: Rula surprised us by having three kittens earlier than we were anticipating: Firstborn - black boy, 2nd - Tortie girl, 3rd - Black girl. UPDATE APRIL 18: We lost The Little Prince (a.k.a. Purple) this morning due to Fading Kitten Syndrome, which encompasses a variety of issues that are not survivable. We did everything in our power to help him fight, but he was not destined to stay with us. Our hearts always break when we lose one, and we hope his short life will inspire you to be advocates for spaying and neutering. UPDATE APRIL 17, 2:50pm: Ramona gave birth to five kittens today, I believe we have four boys and one girl, but that might change... ;) Chloe, Rula and Ramona are pregnant ferals about to give birth for the last time. They come from a colony of more than 230 feral cats, where 90% have been spayed/neutered thanks to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts. Meet their colony: UPDATE APRIL 3, 2018: A third pregnant feral named Rula has joined our feral caternity ward. She is also from the Happy Forest. Rula is black with a subtle white locket, white belly spot and white hairs on her scruff. UPDATE APRIL 2, 2018: Gwen "accidentally" trapped a pregnant feral cat, so we are going to see how she does sharing a room with Chloe. Chloe (ginger + white) and Ramona (pure black) are from the same colony, so it is likely they know each other. Chloe, Rula and Ramona will be part of our new project to map the DNA of her feral cat colony. Chloe comes from a colony that started with more than 230 feral cats. We have done Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) on 90% of this colony, and have socialized and adopted more than 100 cats and kittens. We provide daily feeding and care to the remaining cats as we continue to socialize and adopt out any willing cats. More at More about our rescue work: To adopt: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Ways to Help: Our VIP stream: GUIDE FOR PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE: Be polite. Don't curse, don't ask for subscriptions, don't ask personal questions, don't spam (including roll call requests & spamming emojis). No block caps. Thanks! OUR MODS ARE VOLUNTEERS AND THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP, PLEASE TREAT THEM ACCORDINGLY! Harassing a moderator in chat is grounds for a timeout or ban at the moderator's discretion. Harassing a moderator outside of chat is grounds for banning and the sharing of your info to other cams for them to ban you as well. UNCENSORED RESCUE REALITY This is uncensored rescue reality TV - we give the best care we possibly can, but sometimes we have sick cats/kittens, poo, live births, and any number of other things. Concerning Trolls: Ignore them. That's what they hate the most. Their goal is to upset you so you yell at them. They think this is funny. Thank mew so much to everyone who is watching!