Kitten Academy Live Stream

If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action. Is there something we should know about? Do you have a question for us? Email us at or Tweet us @kitten_academy. ANNOUNCEMENTS: * Bubbles and Faucet are still not big enough for their graduation surgeries. They will most likely graduate during the first week of May. * Apply now to adopt Frolic and her kittens! * Join us at 10 AM KATZ Saturdays for Mailbag! * Apply at any time to be an adopter: You can submit applications for future KA kittens at any time too! KITTEN INFO: Cheatsheet for The Baf Time Kittens: Cheatsheet for Frolic's Furballs: Main Kitten Classroom: -- The Baf Time Kittens -- White belly, tabby back legs F = Bubbles Tabby F (collar) = Faucet Annex: -- Frolic's Furballs -- Momcat = Frolic Swirly F = Revel = Skull and bones collar Swirly M = Gallivant = Red collar Panther panther F = Prance = Silver glitter collar Panther with white M = Roughhouse = Moon and stars collar Panther with grey F = Tumble = Pink collar Kitten Weight Chart for 2018: FAQ: - We are kitten fosters, trying to help rescued cats get adopted by loving homes. - We're in Illinois, USA. - It's really live 24/7, forever. - We turn off the lights at night, but we have good night-vision set up. For the cats, it seems dark. - We don't get paid for this! - This stream began on April 20th, 2016. YouTube's start time is incorrect. - The pops and bangs on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesdays during the day are from a nearby skeet-shooting range. They're not as loud in person! - The three beeps you often hear are from our home security system, whenever a door or window is opened or closed. - ADOPTIONS: Adoptions are managed by On Angels' Wings in Crystal Lake, but you can apply online via our website! CONTACT US: See photos, archived videos, news, and other information at the Kitten Academy website! -- Our email is -- write us with questions, comments, to adopt... or send us pictures of your cat watching the stream! Our twitter is @kitten_academy -- Want to donate? We have a Patreon page now. You can sign up to donate on a monthly basis. Patrons get early access to videos, and other special perks, including a 24/7 live chat! On the west coast? Check out our friends at the Kitten Dorm!